T1D – My New Difficulty Setting

The difficulty setting for my life has been set to Hell. Can someone please change it back?

I have type 1 diabetes ( T1D .)

I saw my doctor for a routine physical. I complained about vision problems, pasty mouth, thirst, and weight loss. All these could be chalked up to medication side effects, weather, stress, or just getting older. However, the next day my doctor called and told my blood glucose was 33. I was diabetic. Suddenly my complaints made sense in a different light.

It took some doing, and several trips to the hospital, but we’re settling on type 1. That means multiple daily insulin injections, blood-glucose monitoring, and carb counting for the rest of my life. It is not something for which there is a cure, yet. If I stop taking care of myself, stop receiving insulin, I will die.

I mean, not to be overdramatic or anything. I am extremely grateful to be alive in a time when medical care for diabetics even exists. A hundred years ago the treatment was to make diabetics comfortable. Today there are a host of treatment innovations, and hope for a cure in a few decades.

As an extraordinary side note, my eldest son also has T1D. He was diagnosed 7 years ago. And no, it’s not genetic or environmental. We’re just THAT lucky.

I know I can do this. But it does seem like a cruel joke.

I am happy to answer any questions about diabetes, and diabetes care. If I don’t know the answer, I can certainly do my research!

– GB

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