My Vision Is Impaired


One of the more surprising side effects of my diabetes diagnosis is the effect on my vision. Without the aid of reading glasses I am effectively blind. The effects are, thankfully, temporary, but in the mean time I have several months of blurred vision to look forward to.

See what I did there? And there?

A common complication from long term high blood glucose is diabetic retinopathy, which is where the retina is damaged by the excessive glucose. That would be a long term problem cause by a long term condition, but while it is something for me to worry about down the road, it isn’t what I have.

What the doctors and nurses think happened to me is that the lenses in my eyes shrivelled due to dehydration as my blood sugar climbed. This explains my gradual need for reading glasses at certain times in the day. The eyes – and the brain – can acclimatize to almost anything if the changes are slow enough. It wasn’t severe, however. Not until I received TREATMENT for my diabetes, ironically. Then the lenses began to “plump up”, which completely threw everything else in my eyes out of balance.

So, at the moment, I have incredible difficulty focusing on anything. Most people who wear glasses are either far sighted or near sighted. I am non-sighted.

I shouldn’t get a prescription until this passes, either, because I’ll only waste money on glasses I won’t need I a few months. Instead I am sporting off the shelf drug store specs for my day to day.

I know a lot of people who already wear glasses who will not be sympathetic, but having impaired vision is hard. It SUCKS. Until recently I have had 20/20 vision. For a while not long ago I thought I was going blind. This experience has taught me a little of what the visually impaired have to go through, and I’m simultaneously horrified and impressed.

The glasses I wear distort everything. I live now in a world without straight lines or flat planes. Everything bends, often in surprising ways. I used to rely heavily on peripheral vision. Now mine is unreliable. My eyes hurt constantly from the strain, but without the glasses I just can’t function.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. Yeah, it’s hard, but it’s interesting. As I learn about my condition and everything it entails I find I want to share more and more, especially since diabetes is an often misunderstood condition.

Don’t worry, though. The blog won’t turn into a medical journal. You’ll still get writer’s craft, book updates, and random sci-fi, fantasy, and video game stuff.

Ask me anything you like, about T1D or anything else!

– GB

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